How to design a catalog template?

How to save your energy, time, and money?

How to create appealing templates?

How to use and customize pre-designed templates?

Keep reading to find the answer! 

How to save energy, time, and money when creating a product catalog?

Using the templates! They are a helpful marketing tool, used among different industries and business types. 

Firstly, templates help to present information in an appealing way. Black text on the white background with the image behind stayed far in the past.

Today you need something bright, outstanding, and remarkable. Unless you are a professional designer, it may be hard to achieve. So, templates are here for you to keep you up to date design. 

Secondly, a professional-looking digital catalog will help you to achieve better SEO results. As you know, the first impression is the most important one. Transferring this to the digital world, the better the first impression the more time a client will spend at your digital catalog. 

Apparel Industry Template

Besides that, you will receive a lower bounce rate. So, the catalog will receive more credibility from Google, while you will achieve more potential customers.

Thirdly, templates are a crucial customer communication tool. This argument is like the previous one, but now we are looking from the customers’ perspectives. A well-organized design helps to improve customer satisfaction. For example, you can customize the product catalog for each client in a few clicks if you are using templates. 

Last but not least. Design templates save marketing managers or business owners the energy it takes to recreate the same design time and time again.

Jewelry Industry Template

To stay unique, create your own templates. Make them easy to maintain and update. That will help you to achieve the best result with the least costs. 

How to create appealing templates?

Here you will find the list of tips on how to build an eye-catching template for the product catalog. We have created this list to help you make the most of product catalogs for your business. 

Beauty Industry Template

Stay flexible. 

In case if you want to add/delete information in the future, the template should be modular. So, you can easily adjust I, rather than create a whole new one. The trick is, the simpler your design is, the easier it can be modified. 

Be clear.

Reach out to the audience is your main goal. Be sure your information is presented in a clear and easy way. No one will spend hours with your product catalog, no matter how appealing the design is. 

Keep the hierarchy. 

One of the ways to present the information clearly is to practicing proper hierarchy. You can play around with geometrical shapes and icons to achieve it. 

Make it colorful. 

But not too much. Designers recommend staying within 4 main colors. At the same time, culture impacts how people react to different colors. So, keep in mind your customers’ background. 

Use bright colors to highlight information only where it is necessary.

Do contrast. 

Add some dark colors. You can even make a dark background. Together with white font and minimalistic design, it will look stylish and sophisticated.

Be minimalistic.

We would recommend you to use 2 different fonts. One may be for the main text, while the second one for the titles or the catalog name. It’s always better to experiment with different styles of the same font (bold, italic, etc.)

Don’t go all in. 

Playing with fonts, colors, shapes, and icons may be fun. But don’t use everything at once. In this case, your template may start looking overwhelmed. 

Select a 2-column layout.

It will make your catalog look structured and organized. The 2-column template creates a satisfying sense of rhythm in the design.

Moreover, put your image to the left and text to the right. It has been scientifically proven that this combination is the most effective. Because the more creative part of the brain will focus on the picture, while rational one – on the information. 

Become efficient.

Creating a template for the whole catalog at once may be too overwhelming. The solution is to create a template for each product and share it with the whole product database. This template should include all product fields common for the products (ex. material, size, etc.) and design (fonts, color, product fields allocation). Click here to know more about a single product template.  

Be up-to-date.

With the help of automation. Your catalog can be updated every time you change your product database. Imagine how much time you will save! Read more about how you can automate catalog management with Catalog Machine here. You can also connect the catalog creation process with external platforms with help of Zapier

Use diversity.

Use different types of product presentation. For example, include a price list in your lookbook. So, the client can easily manage through the list of products. This section should still be consistent with the rest of the catalog in terms of fonts, main colors, and style.

Home Industry Template

Now you know how to design your professional-looking template. All you need to do is to sign up Upload your product database. And you are free to create any template you want. 

How to use and customize pre-designed templates?

If you are still not sure, that you are ready to build your own template, there are lots of predefined and customizable options. 

Catalog Machine has created a bunch of templates for different industries and purposes. Click to select the one that suits you the most.

Parts Industry Template

All our templates are fully customizable. So, if you want to change the color, font, or add a new field, you can easily do it. 

We would recommend you keep the design setting of the templates and simply add more information. 


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