Is the Brochure still that effective in marketing?

Compare to other marketing materials, brochures are used in a printed format more often. You will find here the answer to the question above. If a brochure is still an effective tool for business success during the era of digitalization?

The marketing brochure…

… is an informative marketing document that is usually used for advertising purposes. A brochure contains information about the company and its products or services. We use them to target new customers or inform the existing audience about the updates.
A brochure has 3 formats, based on the fold type: single fold; bi-fold; tri-fold (also known as a pamphlet). A tri-fold type is also differing in its purpose and style. Its aim is rather informative than selling. Plus, it is usually a single page document.  

Why would you need a brochure?

  • Inform about the recent updates
  • Attract new clients
  • Promote products and/or services
  • Increase customers trust and loyalty
  • Decrease marketing costs
As we already mentioned in most of the cases, the brochure has an ‘old-fashioned’ printed format. Many modern businesses mistakenly claim their ineffectiveness in today’s digital world. Yet, traditional marketing techniques, like brochures, are not going anywhere.
“Direct mail is more action-oriented than digital media. Because its physical format stimulates the underlying mental processes that guide consumer behavior.”
At the end of the day, they have proved the hypothesis. These findings suggest that physical media is better. They close the marketing-sales loop or the gap between interaction and action faster.

Marketing brochures and Small Businesses

Using marketing brochures is important and useful for small businesses. Here is a list of the reasons that will prove this statement.
With the marketing brochures, you can meet various business needs.
Inform and entertain your customers. You can give a brochure to your customers when they are waiting for the service. In this case, you would better include different product information there. Retail stores with high customer traffic often have brochures at the front of the store.
Increase brand awareness. To attract new customers you can hand a brochure to people at the public event.
Use in combination with a media kit or promotional giveaway. Adding a brochure to a tangible item like a skirt may attract more attention to it.  
With the marketing brochures, you can decrease marketing expenses. Surprised? It is because they have low prime cost and prove its effectiveness. So, you will have a higher return on investment and profit at the end of the days.
A single brochure may cost as little as $1. But, as you are going to order mass-production of them, the cost will decrease. Usually, the cost will also vary based on the size and paper type, that small business owner chooses.
You can be more time and process efficient.
This issue was already mentioned in this article. Every business, despite its size, is a combination of various processes, that are taking place almost at the same time. For example, do you want to build a successful business? You should develop a product, build relations with customers, do financing and accounting, etc.
A brochure covers most of the marketing needs. So you can stop focusing your attention there.
A brochure is a good way to start your marketing campaign.
As it covers most of the marketing goals. Plus, it is a safe choice for small businesses.
Moreover, unless a brochure has a printed format in most of the cases, there is no restriction to post it online. If you create it with Catalog Machine there won’t be a need to do the same job twice. You can create one high-quality copy and publish it online or download a PDF file for further printing.
Going online can be also a little bit tricky. If you are a business that already has a website or has already established a digital presence, you can add your brochure there.
Yet, if you have just started there is no need to dive into this complex digital word right away. The only thing that you should do, if you are using the Catalog Machine platform, is to make your brochure public, so Google starts ranking it.

How to make a professional-looking brochure?

Here are some tips on how to make your brochure the most attractive for your customers.
Firstly, define the clients’ objectives. Why would your customer need a brochure? Or why would he/she want to open it?
Answering this question, you will know what information to include and how to do it. Remember, the brochure is usually small in size. So, don’t overwhelm it with unnecessary for your client information.
Secondly, be super clear. Sometimes simplicity is the best way to attract customers’ attention—especially today when the ads are almost attacking people every minute. Make a clear statement on the cover, instead of cliched images. Unless you should think hard to include the information that your customers want to see.
Brochure design should also be created with the customer’s needs in mind. If you are targeting B2B, think about what will fit into their business model. For a new product announcement, you want something stylish and bright. For a startup, something innovative and cost-efficient.
Lastly, you should know where you want to go. In other words, what do you want your customers to do after looking through. Put the desired action into the sentence and be sure they have everything to do it. For example, you want the customers to call you. There should be a “Call us” sentence with a phone number. Moreover, they should be bold out and allocated the easiest for the reader way. No one will waist more than 15 sec searching for your contact information.
Now you know that even today, a brochure is an effective marketing tool. It will benefit your business by reaching out to new customers, increasing brand awareness and ROI (return on investment).
Moreover, you can save money with the Catalog Machine brochure maker. There is no need to hire a designer. You can create everything by yourself. Use and customize our eye-catching and professionally designed brochure templates.
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