Top 7 Mistakes People Make In Their Lookbooks

A lookbook is a must-have for B2C business! It helps create brand awareness, build brand loyalty among the customers, and increase sales. However, as well as every marketing material, only top-quality lookbooks will be sold. Here we have listed the most common mistakes that decrease lookbook’s selling power and can be easily avoided. 

Mistake #1 Complicated design

Too many products on the page, too much information, too many bright colors, just too much… The product is a star of the show! So, be sure that customers’ attention is not distracted by the background. Using white color, you can’t go wrong. Not sure about the design? No worries! We have templates created for you. In addition, a simple design means one product per page. 

Mistake #2 Poor quality images

No matter how much effort you put into the lookbook, it won’t look great until you have professional-looking images. What does it mean? First of all, good quality. Higher a photographer or improve your photo skills. Secondly, use a photo to show how the product can be used. Are you selling sports clothing? An image of a happy person playing softball and wearing your T-shirt is the best thing you can do. Remember, a good brand is not selling products; it is selling a lifestyle. 

Mistake #3 Inconsistency 

From our experience, this is the most common mistake. Just because it is easy to miss a tiny detail. Pick up two main colors and three supporting shades. Same with fonts. 2 is max. Play around with bold or italic options, but don’t go with too many different fonts. Once the lookbook is ready, double and triple-check everything.

Mistake #4 No Call-To-Action

After your product has caught the customer’s attention, they should be told what to do next to receive the desired item. This clear statement is called call-to-action and can sound like “Order Now,” “Call To Orderer,” etc., depending on what the next step should be. 

Be sure there is a buy button right near the product. Remember, the easier the way is from seeing to paying, the more likely your customers will go through it. In most cases, buying cloth is rather emotional than a rational decision. However, the emotions usually do not last long enough to return to the lookbook again.

Mistake #5 Poor Product Descriptions 

Another quite popular mistake is to include too much product information. A lookbook is a highly visual marketing tool, people are falling in love with the image. In addition, people are not reading long descriptions, no matter how nicely they are written. Size, color options, price, and product identification number are all your customers need to know. 

Mistake #6 No contact information 

Even if the person can place an order online, it is highly recommended to have your business contact information included in the catalog. If a person is doubting, talking is your chance to convince them. In contrast, no ability to contact a representative looks like a business does not care about its customers.

Place the phone number or at least an email at the footer or a header of each page. It makes the impression that you are happy to talk to your customers, have nothing to hide, and are reliable. Besides, it will decrease see-buy time, the importance of which we’ve already covered.  

Mistake #7 Out Of Date

Usually, apparel lookbooks are created every season. However, it’s not enough because you don’t want to present any item out of stock. Do you think updating a whole catalog is a long and complicated process that requires tons of your time? Well, fortunately for you, you’re mistaken. You can automate your lookbook production with Catalog Machine, so you will save time and money and meet your customers’ expectations.  

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