10 Tips: How to make a fashion lookbook

A lookbook is a must-have for the fashion industry! It helps with creating brand awareness, building brand loyalty among the customers, and increasing sales. We’ve come up with the top 10 tips for you on how to make a selling lookbook!   

Tip #1 Simple design

The product is a star of the show! So, be sure that customers’ attention is not distracted by the background. Using white color, you can’t go wrong. Not sure about the design? No worries! We have templates created for you. In addition, the simple design means one product per page. 

Tip #2 Professional looking images

No matter how much effort you are putting into the lookbook, it won’t look great until you have professional-looking images. What does it mean? First of all, good quality. Higher a photographer or improve your photo skills. Secondly, use a photo as a chance to show how the product can be used. Are you selling sports clothing? A photo of a happy person playing softball and wearing your T-shirt is the best what you can do. Remember, a good brand is not selling products; it is selling a lifestyle. 

Tip #3 Consistency 

Pick up 2 main colors and 3 supporting shades. Same with fonts. 2 is max. Play around with bold or italic options, but don’t go with too many different fonts.  

 Tip #4 Top sellers

Create a section with the top 10 most buying products. Customers enjoy lists because they are easy to process and fun to look at. The tricky part here includes the products you want to sell. It may not be the true top sellers at the beginning. But trust me, they will become after this move. 

Tip #5 Buy buttons

Be sure there is a buy button right near the product. Remember, the easier the way is from seeing to paying, the more likely your customers will go through it. In most cases, buying cloth is rather emotional than a rational decision. However, the emotions are usually not last long enough to come back to the lookbook again.

Tip #6 Sell a “look”

The lookbook is about inspiring and educating your customers. So, if a model wears a blouse and a skirt, make your customers able to buy both of them. It solves the problem, “I love that skirt, but I have nothing to wear it with.” Greater experience for your customers, higher sales for you. 

Tip #7 Contact information 

Place the phone number or at least an email at a footer or a header of each page. It makes the impression that you are happy to talk to your customers, have nothing to hide, and are reliable. Besides, it will decrease see-buy time, the importance of which we’ve already covered.    

Tip #8 Must-have elements

There is a list of must-have components for each lookbook:

  • Cover page
  • Engaging photos
  • Product description (fabric, size, color, think what is relevant to your customers, but don’t overwhelm it with unnecessary info)
  • Buy buttons 
  • Social media share option
  • Contact information
Tip #9 Watch with your customer’s eyes

It does not matter if you like the lookbook, it does matter if your customers do! So, after finishing the lookbook creation, try to stand into your client’s shoes and see how it looks like from their perspective. You can even show it to some of your clients or people who are presenting your target group and ask their opinion. 

Tip #10 Stay up-to-date

Usually, apparel lookbooks are created every season. However, it’s not enough, because you don’t want to present any item that is out of stock. You can automate your lookbook production with Catalog Machine, so you will save your time and money as well as meet your customers’ expectations.  

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