Price List: A guide for creation online

Create beautiful Price Lists that compliment your business and increase sales. Nowadays, a price list is one of the essential tools to present your products in the marketplace. This is why to achieve the best results; you need to consider the following points.

1. The purpose of the Price List

Here we are talking about both your target audience and the business itself.

A price list could be distributed among the existing and potential clients. If it is a client-oriented, you need to present only the information relevant to them. In addition, whenever you are sharing a price list to a new client, it must be engaging enough to stand out among the competitors.

In addition, the characteristics of the target audience will have an impact. For example, the demographic aspect influences the currency and a language.

Except for marketing purposes, a list has an internal to the business value. It can be used as an operational organization’s document to track changes in the prices and stock of the products. If this is your case, you may want to include as much information to the document as possible to track changes in the future and prepare reports. As well as, it transmits the information about the product to the company’s various departments, agents, and suppliers.

Price List: target clients or use for the internal business processes

2. Is the Price List going to be digital or printed?

Both options have the right to live and be profitable.

Digital: As well as most of the digital world, it is about efficiency.

Firstly, the digital price list has lower production costs. Especially when you realize that the price list’s core characteristic is a possibility of constant changes. So, there is no way you can create one list for a long period of time.

Secondly, it is easier to share among the wider target audience. You can present a digital price list on your website or even Social Media pages.

Summing up, you will interact with more potential clients and save money at the same time.

Printed: Selecting this option, you are playing the long game. The printed price list will cost you more and is harder to manage. However, it is a proven way to establish good customer relationships that improve the probability of final negotiation. Why? A printed version will always be more user-friendly and shows a personal approach to each client. Who does not like to be valued?

Price List: print or keep digital?

Design and structure

Creating a price list, you should keep in mind these key elements that need to be included.

  1. Size and content. A good price list is always a balance between all the possibly relevant information and the amount of data your client can handle easily.
  2. The design should stay comparatively simple. It might be a good idea to use your 2 main brand colors at it.
  3. Cover and back cover pages. As well as, one introduction page about your business and products.
  4. Contact information. Phone number/website/Social Media.
  5. Sorted products. You may divide your products by collections and organize them in alphabetical order.
  6. Order form. Give your customer a chance to order something right away.

Price list design elements

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