Overcoming fundraising barriers

The importance of fundraising in the modern world can’t be overestimated. This practice is widely used by non-profit organizations or some governmental institutions, such as schools. However, it’s not easy to convince people to participate in it. Let’s see what could keep your potential donors away and how you could deal with these barriers with a straightforward move. 

The fear of fraud 

Donation is a sensitive question for some people. On the one hand, if you are sure that the money you spend will make a difference for the better, you will feel good about yourself. On the other hand, if you find out that other people used you for their purposes, you will feel fullish. This concept is tight to the idea of “self.” 

Self-concept is a way how someone thinks about, evaluates, or perceives themselves. People tend to feel good about themselves as far as they can. Because, when the self is heart is a psychologically painful process. This is why you will prefer to stay away from the experiences that could threaten your self. For example, the threaten of feeling foolish after donation. 

To overcome this barrier, a fundraising company should build trustful relationships with the clients. It’s easy to say and not that easy to achieve.

First of all, make the organization’s processes as transparent as possible, especially regarding the payment process. 

Secondly, give a tangible asset in return. It would be nice if the asset has an emotional connection with the purpose of the fundraising. For instance, you are collecting money for the orphans center. Send a picture to drawn by a child. It will cost you almost nothing, but the donor will feel great about himself. 

Thirdly, create a brochure that will include information about your goals and current achievements. The impression that other people have also participated in it gives the feeling of safety.  

There is someone else to help 

It’s called the Bystander Effect. The presence of others discourages the individual from intervening in an emergency. Moreover, the greater the number of bystanders, the less likely it is for any one of them to provide help to a person in distress.

If a person understands that you are asking for money from many people, he will be less likely to donate. 

To overcome this effect, you should make the message as personal as it can be. For example, if you target other organizations or public personas, create a catalog with the product that would be interesting specifically for them. For example, you are fundraising with a help bakery done by school parents. It appears that the major has noticed your school. Send him a catalog of pastries done according to his preferences. Ask him about it before and then offer something based on his answers. Such a personalized approach would be highly rewarded at the end of the day. 

In this case, you want to make the catalog production as automated and straightforward as possible. Catalog Machine may help you with that. You can create a PDF and online catalogs in minutes by using the 50+ beautiful templates, connection with external platforms, and many more. Click here to know more and to start creating a catalog. 

Online fundraising

Online fundraising is challenging all along the way. It’s not easy to get people to pay attention to you instead of the massive volume of other causes (and videos and games and news stories and pictures and messages) battling for their attention.

To overcome this barrier, you want to make an eye-catching fundraising catalog and share it on all possible platforms – your website, social media, has a separate page indexed by Google. 

We have already created a list of advice on catalog design, which you can find in our blog article “User Experience: Make your Catalog Appealing.” At the same time, if you decide to go online with the fundraising catalog, Catalog Machine will give you a chance to share the one all over the platforms fast and easy. You can inbuild a catalog to your website or even share it across your email list. 

Now you know what you can expect on your way to successful fundraising and how to manage these obstacles. The best solution is an integrated platform where you can display your products in an appealing way, share with people online, and collect payments from this catalog. 

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