What Is A Lookbook?

Lookbook is a marketing material that companies use to present their products to potential buyers. The most popular lookbook is in the fashion, art, and cosmetic industries. However, it’s not limited to them. For instance, the structure makes it worthwhile to present houses, furniture, and many other products. The purpose of a lookbook is to convey a brand or designer’s latest collection in a flattering, marketable light.

How to create a lookbook
what is a lookbook

Before digitalization, lookbooks used to be in the form of printed magazines, which presented the latest collections to clients. Visually the main difference between the fashion magazine and lookbook is that the last one is focused on one brand specifically. The global switch to eCommerce forced companies to start creating online lookbooks and host them on the websites. However, the initial purpose is still the same, to make the products look appealing. 

Why does your business need a Lookbook?

Long story short, you need it to boost the revenue. As with any other well-designed marketing material, lookbooks will positively sell. The trick is to keep in mind that it is a highly visual tool that allows a business to increase brand awareness and recognition, attract new customers, retain existing ones, and build an emotional perception of the brand. How does it happen? Lookbook…

  • tells your story to the customers in an effortless manner. Most people are skipping the lengthy descriptions of your business story and values. There is tons of information out there, so people have learned how to be picky. At the same time, a lookbook is a chance to put your story into catchy images. 

  • …allows customers to make their opinion about a product without touching it. A business includes a large image of the product and sometimes a couple of pictures that will enable potential buyers to imagine how the product looks in real life. It becomes even more valuable since more and more people prefer buying online or are forced to do so due to the pandemic restrictions. 

  • …puts a spotlight on your brand. Lookbooks offer an excellent opportunity for brands to include vibrant lifestyle images of their products as a part of an aspirational narrative.

A Lookbook Structure & Design 

A good lookbook has an eye-catching and appealing design. The main rule is to make the customers love what they see. 

Usually, designers present one product per page. It could be one large image or several smaller photos, but the focus should be clear on one thing. So once the client turns the page, they know what this is all about. 

There is minimum information on the page. It can be just the product name and price. Sometimes designers include product variants (available colors or sizes) if it is applicable to the industry. 

A lookbook has a landscape layout. You can find contact details on the top edges, such as company name, email address, phone number, website and street address, and company’s logo.

Plain background and high-quality images are two contributors to the professional-looking design of the excellent lookbook. Preferably the images should present the product in use. For example, if you are selling a shopping purse, use the image of the happy girl with the bag in the shopping alley. It’s always a good idea to put the product into context. It will make a more vivid impression on the customer. 


A lookbook is a marketing material that helps businesses to present their products to customers. This is why today, some software programs help companies with this issue. Here you can find some examples of what can be done with the help of the line sheet creation platform.

– Creating a PDF and digital version of a lookbook. 

– Automation of product detail updates.

– Professional-looking templates and advanced design functions. 

– Online Ordering and Payment System embedded in the digital line sheet.

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