Benefit Your Business: Fashion and Supply industries

The online product catalog will benefit any businesses – increase sales and customer engagement. The professionally made catalog provides up-to-date product information in a beautiful format. You can present products your way and reach customers anywhere – online, by email, or in social media.

Each industry has specific expectations for the catalog. This post focuses on creating catalogs for Fashion and Parts/Supply industries.

Fashion Industry

Melita Vienazindiene & Ramune Čiarniene in 2014 figured out 10 main characteristics of the fashion industry.

Some of them, such as globalization, low predictability, and velocity, are the result of the modern world changes. They characterize most industries today. Volume in the fashion industry is also not that high if we compare it with parts or food industry. So we would focus on the other 6 characteristics. 

Pay your attention to…

Variety.  In the fashion industry, a variety of products is provoked by differences in sizes and colors of the same product (apparel industry). It can also be the difference in the materials (jewelry industry). Usually, the storage place is limited. It doesn’t matter if it’s a store or pages of the catalog. For sure, you can manipulate several pages a way easier than square meters at the store. 

High impulse purchasing. Working in the fashion industry, you know how important to present your products in an attractive looking way. So people would want to buy it the second they see it. Using a catalog, you can easily manipulate the appearance and build your image. Moreover, today more and more people prefer shopping online. Meet this client’s expectation and enable them to order and even pay for the purchase right from the catalog with Catalog Machine new feature.

High volatility. Lead time. Short lifecycles. Seasonality. All of these characteristics of the fashion industry challenges you in terms of time. You always have to update the information about the existing products, show new collections, and remove old ones.

To solve it easily, you might want to think about the platform that would update your product information at the catalog automatically. Even a designer is not an option. Because it usually takes them long enough to update the catalog. Plus, a designer’s work is expensive. Good news, Catalog Machine can do it for you. Once you add the product and define the fields to present, all the information that changed at the database will be updated at your catalog right away. 

Parts/Supply Industry

The main distinctive characteristic of the parts industry is a high volume of products to present. So you can hardly place all of them at the store. It makes even more sense if you work as a retailer at B2B market. Your client will buy a more significant volume of products. And want to know all the information before the purchase as it is a business decision. 

In this case, a catalog can present not only photos of the parts, but also all relevant information your client wants to know. So you can easily meet clients’ expectations without spending hours on discussions.  

Other characteristics were mentioned by Elisa Shoenberger  in 2018 – productivity, quality control, good design, and cost-effectiveness. Having a catalog can benefit you at most of them. Except for good design and quality control, as they are connected with the product manufacturing process.

Productivity. Balancing efficiency with productivity translates to profit. Automated catalog creation is helpful in terms of saving time. You can add as many products to the catalog as you want, edit the information, and even receive the orders right from the catalog. All of these features help manufactures to increase productivity. 

The important part here is that we are talking about automated catalog creation, not the designer’s work. Because working with one will turn into a high invoice and will take some time. At the same time, a good catalog equals to a good marketing campaign. As your customers get familiar with the company and products, you are offering. So, how will you save money? No designer and lower marketing expenses.  

Summing up

The creation of a catalog can benefit different industries because of flexibility. You can manipulate the information that is included, use it as a marketing campaign or internal company’s documentation, easily update and include product database. So, hurry up to start meeting your industry challenges with Catalog Machine!

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